Important Deadlines and Dates

Big Idea Project:

Submissions from September 1st-October 31st

Stock Market Financial Project: September 27th-November 10th


Fall Conference November 7th @ LATC

State Leadership Conference April 7th-9th Sioux Falls

National Leadership Conference June 28th-July 2nd Orlando Florida

About Us

The Future Business Leaders of America chapter in Florence is relatively new in the last few years. The program focuses on developing high school students in the area of business and leadership. Various experiences and activities are held throughout the year to engage our students and to help them develop.

Project Based Learning engages in the Big Idea Project. This project allows students to develop a business plan for a fictional business. These students compete with other students across the state for cash prizes. This program provides real life experiences that these students can learn from and grow from. Within this program is also a stock market project as well.

Congrats to our 2024 State Placers:

Business Plan- 3rd Jaxon Orthaus 4th James Schroeder, Gabe Jurgens, and Brett Bunde

Future Business Leader- 5th Madelyn Caulfield

Introduction to Business Presentation- 4th- Roean Raymer

Introduction to Public Speaking-1st-Mia Jaeger 3rd- Emma Caulfield

Introduction to Social Media Strategies- 5th- Charlee Tunhiem and Mashia McQuin

Journalism- 2nd Mashia McQuin 3rd Charlee Tunhiem

Sales Presentation- 5th Madelyn Caulfield and Emma Caulfield

Mia Jaeger, Roean Raymer, Cami Fleming, Brett Bunde, James Schroeder, Gabe Jurgens, and Jaxon Orthaus will be representing the Florence School District in Orlando FL this summer!

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